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Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock Christmas Shop Review 2023

Every year the Whitehall Garden Centre put on an amazing Christmas collection, so I wanted to share with you my personal review and day out at the Christmas shop in the Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock.

We have been visiting the Lacock garden centre for quite a few years, and we always go around November/December time when the Christmas shop and collection are open.

So if you want to top up on some Xmas lights, get a new tree or tree decorations, or are looking for Xmas indoor displays in Wiltshire, then I recommend going to Lacock garden centre to have a look for yourself.

Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock xmas items for sale.


So the garden centre is open as normal, which is a really nice place anyway. You can park for free, and there is no additional cost to view the Christmas shop or collections, which is great.

Some of the decorations can be a little pricey. However, they are really good quality and there are so many to choose from!

We did purchase a Village Scene from them last year and it was half-price at the time. And our son loves it when we get it out at Christmas. The train and the little figures go around in a circle while playing a tune, so it’s very cute.

Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock Location

The Lacock Christmas shop is at:

Corsham Road
Chippenham, Wiltshire
SN15 2LZ

And it is simply just in and around the garden centre itself, they have just transformed a large area of inside into a Christmas wonderland.

whitehall garden centre lacock animatronics children playing in snow.

What is there to see/facilities at Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock Xmas Shop?

As we first walked in there is a few Xmas trees for sale and tinsel and other hanging decorations.

As you start to walk through the Christmas shop area it’s awesome as there are so many festive lights, and there are different themed areas with moving Christmas animatronic displays. For example, there was a huge nutcracker figure, an Alice In Wonderland scene, and several different Xmas scenes which were lovely.

Whitehall Garden Centre Lacock animatronics of santa and reindeer.

Each themed area then had matching themed decorations to purchase. There was a lot to choose from. There were baubles, tree decorations, tinsel, characters, plush toys, ornaments, snow globes, and much more.

whitehall garden centre lacock selection on ornaments and decorations in the christmas shop

There was a tunnel to walk through with more animatronics and lights, which we had to go through about 4-5 times, as our son loved it.

whitehall garden centre lacock tunnel with village display animatronics and lights.

There was also a moving scene/model area where they have basically build a village scene displaying all of their moving scenes that you can buy.

whitehall garden centre lacock village moving models scene.

There was another tunnel with more trees and lights to take you to the outdoor Christmas light area, where there was a huge range to choose from.

whitehall garden centre lacock tunnel to outdoror lights with trees.

There are chocolates, toys, and other various items that you can look at and buy.

whitehall garden centre lacock items for sale in the xmas shop.

There were no animals again this year in 2022 which was a bit disappointing, as in previous years there have been sheep and reindeer. But it’s still great without it.

There is also a small cafe/restaurant if you are looking to spend a little longer and have some lunch.

You can view more info on the Christmas shop and garden centre opening times on the Whitehall Garden Centre website here.

What has changed in 2023 in Whitehall Garden Centre?

So we visited again this year and it was just as great as ever.

Most things remained the same but this year they had the animals back, such as sheep and reindeer which the kids loved seeing!

We also attended on the opening weekend so there was a small collection of rides for the children, as well as a small Christmas train.

They even had ride-on tractors. There was plenty to do to keep us entertained for a few hours.

They still had the amazing moving village scenes which attracted quite the crowd, and it was a little different to last year. It’s just so imaginative!

Final thoughts

So if you are looking for a simple Christmas shop in the UK to take the kids to, then I really think you would enjoy going here to the Lacock garden center. Going in November, it wasn’t too busy but it can get busier towards Christmas time. So just bear that in mind when you visit.

There are also other Whitehall Garden Centre locations in Bristol and Pewsey that also have a Xmas shop and collection for you to visit if they are closer to you.

But my personal review was at the Whitehall Garden Centre in Lacock, as this is the closest to us and we know we love it! As I mentioned above, some of the decorations can be a little pricey, but you can get a good deal.

The effort they put into making the light displays and moving scenes is fantastic, and it will definitely keep you and the kids entertained for a couple of hours. The celing is covered in lights and it feels very magical. And you can then also browse the rest of the garden centre while you are there.