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Day Out At Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn

The Wacky Warehouse at the Vine Inn Ower is great fun. If you are looking for somewhere to go with the kids when it’s raining in Hampshire as we were, then what’s better than a pub with soft play? So I thought I would share our day out and personal review of the Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn.

This is the first time we have used the Wacky Warehouse itself, which is the indoor ball pit/soft play area. We have used the pub next door the Vine Inn a few times but never ventured into the soft play area next door.

So because it was chucking it down with rain we decided to take our son and have a look. So you can decide for yourself if you would like to visit, but I personally recommend giving it a try.


So if you are looking for pubs with play areas then the Wacky Warehouse is technically separate from the Vine Inn, but the bar/ pub is next door.

The prices are very fair and we went during the week in the daytime, so only cost £3.50 for the toddler session at the time of writing this. But you can view more about prices, sessions, and opening times on the Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn website here.

Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn Location

The soft play at the Vine Inn pub is located at:

Romsey Road
SO51 6ZJ

You can enter the Wacky Warehouse through its separate entrance. Or alternatively, you can use the pub’s main entrance and you can still get through later on depending on what you want to do.


The ball pit isn’t massive but it’s big enough to keep little ones entertained for a couple of hours. There is a large blue slide that has two sides, which he absolutely loved going down on his stomach backwards. You can also build up some decent speeds on it too!

Double blue slide at Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn.

There is also a smaller tunnel slide that goes into the small ball pit, and there is plenty of other soft play equipment and netting to run around in.

Inside soft play area at Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn.

There is also a younger babies/toddler section to play in which has a few soft blocks and animals, and a mini ball pit. So if you have a very little one, then they can still play safely in here.

Smaller toddler/babies area in Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn soft play.

There are toilets available, but you can still walk through to the bar area next door and use those loos if needed.

The soft play itself is a little run down and could use a bit of TLC and maintenance. But there is nothing major, it was more like a few of the seats in the seating area are ripped and covered in tape.

Seat ripped and taped up in Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn.

And a few parts of the soft play area itself need a little repairing. But hey, it’s a typical Hungry Horse pub with a ball pit, can’t really ask for much more to keep the kids happy!

Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn ball pit area with some wear and tear.

Can you eat in the Wacky Warehouse?

You can either eat in the Vine Inn pub that’s attached which we sometimes do. And it is a Hungry Horse pub. Then you could visit the soft play after and get yourself a coffee or a few snacks.

However, we didn’t realize that you can actually order the Hungry Horse menu to a table in the Wacky Warehouse, which was great! So he went off and played, came and sat for lunch, then was off again after he had finished!

There are a few tables inside to choose some, so it’s a great place to go if you are in Hampshire and looking for a kid-friendly pub to eat and have a play area for your children. But if you are after a quieter meal then eat in the pub first.

Wacky Warehouse Vine Inn soft play with seating area.

Final thoughts

So overall the Wacky Warehouse at the Vine Inn is a great place to go when it’s raining with the kids, or you simply want somewhere to go for something to eat, and then the little ones can play nearby.

As I mentioned above, it’s not massive and needs a little TLC but seems great value, especially for toddlers. So if you are looking for a bar with a play area in the Southampton/Hampshire area, then I recommend giving Wacky Warehouse a try.