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Trip To Hythe Pier and Ferry Review: Pros and Cons

We got to check out the Hythe Pier & Ferry, and it was a great day out! From stepping on the pier to riding the pier train and taking the ferry, everything was awesome. Me, my partner, and our kids will remember it for sure.

Situated in Hampshire in the UK on the outskirts of Southampton, sits a small town called Hythe. There is plenty to do there from the Marina where you can view all the boats, to a small high street with shops. But if you are looking for something to do with the kids in Hampshire then hopping on the ferry and walking down the pier is a great idea.

The pier itself is like a cute, old-fashioned boardwalk from the good ol’ British beach days. It’s got a wooden walkway with signs telling cool stories about the pier. You feel like you’re back in the old days. Plus, you can see the coastline and the busy harbor, making it a great place for a slow walk and some pretty pics.

The best part is the ferry ride. It’s a short trip but so pretty, going across the water to Southampton. The seats are comfy, and you can see everything through big windows. It’s a chance to feel the sea breeze and really get into the whole sea vibe. Our son loved standing up and “bumping” up and down over the waves.

There’s also this cool old train, the Hythe Village Train, that runs on the pier. It connects with the ferry, making the whole trip even more fun.

The people working there are nice and helpful. They know a lot about the pier, ferry times, and the area around. It makes the whole thing feel cozy and friendly.

Whether you’re into history, nature, or just want a break from the city, Hythe Pier & Ferry has something for you. It’s a place where time slows down, and you can enjoy the sea and the history.

Pros of Hythe Pier and Ferry:

1. Cool Views:

The pier and ferry give you awesome views of the coastline and harbor, perfect for slow walks and cool pictures.

2. Old-School Vibes

The pier feels like something out of the old British beach days, with its wooden walkway and stories about the past.

3. Ferry Fun

The ferry ride is short but sweet, taking you across the water to Southampton. The comfy seats and big windows make it a chill experience. But it’s a different experience to catching the bus.

4. Extra Train Fun: There’s this old train on the pier, the Hythe Village Train, which adds a fun twist to the whole adventure. This is included in the price of your ferry ticket.

5. Friendly Staff: The people working there are nice and ready to help. They know a lot about the place and make you feel welcome.

6. Cheap day out

We were going to Hythe for a walk and then decided last minute to have a go on the ferry to take the kids across to Southampton.

The prices for the ferry were what I feel were fair. If we had carried on driving to Southampton and paid for parking, there probably wouldn’t have been much difference.

At the time of writing this, we paid £8.00 each for an adult return ticket, and under 5’s were free.

You can view more pricing and info on the Hythe Ferry website here.

Cons of Hythe Pier and Ferry:

1. Short Ride Blues:

The ferry ride is cool, but it’s over pretty quickly. If you’re hoping for a long sea journey, it might leave you wanting more.

2. Food Dilemma:

There aren’t a ton of food options around the pier, so you might want to plan where to eat.

3. Weather Worries:

The whole experience is kind of weather-dependent. Bad weather could mess with your plans and the outdoor parts of the trip.

Final Thoughts

Even with the downsides which we didn’t get affected by, my time at Hythe Pier & Ferry was awesome.

The old pier, the ferry ride, and the friendly staff made it a trip I’ll always remember. If you’re into that classic British beach feel and love the sea, Hythe Pier & Ferry is worth checking out!