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Discover the Best Things to Do in Salisbury

Located in the heart of Wiltshire in England, Salisbury is a popular city that effortlessly combines a rich history with stunning architecture and natural beauty.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a lover of art and culture, hitting up some tourist spots on holiday, or a nature lover, the city has something to offer everyone. In this post, we will highlight and list some of the top things to do in Salisbury, UK.

Being locals to the area we have a lot of knowledge of Salisbury and the surrounding areas and can boast about how great it is. And we have first-hand knowledge of the days out in Salisbury that you can do, including free days out and days out with the kids.

Why visit Salisbury in the UK?

At the center of Salisbury stands the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral, boasting the tallest spire in England and housing the world’s oldest working clock! The city’s medieval streets let you wander and explore, revealing half-timbered houses, courtyards, and a Market Square lined with great places to eat and charming shops.

With its proximity to the idyllic Wiltshire countryside and the New Forest National Park, Salisbury provides endless opportunities for going on adventures outdoors and exploring the scenery.

There are also a variety of shops, plenty of places to eat and drink, and even the Chapel nightclub for a night out!

Days out and best things to do in Salisbury

So if you are looking for days out with the kids, an adult shopping trip and meal, or just a bit of sightseeing, then check the list of our favorite things to do in and around Salisbury in Wiltshire.

Salisbury Cathedral

No visit to Salisbury would be complete without a visit to the iconic Salisbury Cathedral. Take a look at the tall spire, which is the tallest in the country and can be seen from many miles outside the city in all directions!

Why not explore the stunning interior? And don’t miss the chance to see the world’s oldest working clock and one of the four surviving original copies of the Magna Carta. there are also options to take a guided tour to learn about the history and architecture of the impressive building.

Picture taken of Salibury Cathedral, UK.

Salisbury Cathedral Close

Adjacent to the cathedral is the picturesque Salisbury Cathedral Close, which is the quiet heart of the city. You can take a stroll through the well-kept gardens, and join the many others enjoying a picnic on the green, or on one of the benches scattered around. All while looking at the awesome Cathedral in the background.

View of the Cathedral from Cathedral Close in Salisbury, UK.

You can also explore the historic buildings surrounding the close, such as the Salisbury Museum, and visit Mompesson House, which is a perfectly preserved 18th-century townhouse.

Image of Mompesson House in Salisbury, UK.

The Salisbury Museum located in the King’s House, is a beautiful Georgian building in the cathedral close, offering exhibits on the local history and culture.

image of Salisbury museum.

Stroll along the Medieval Streets

Take a leisurely walk through the charming streets of Salisbury’s city center and soak up the medieval atmosphere.

Medieval streets in salisbury, uk.

You can take a visit to the Market Square, which is lined with quaint shops, cafes, and restaurants, and the petite Cross Keys Shopping Centre.

You can admire the half-timbered houses and historic pubs along your way. Also, don’t forget to check out the Fisherton Mill, a converted Victorian mill with a gallery, studios, and a cafe, showcasing the local artists and craftsmen.

There are a variety of shops in the town center, including in the Old George Mall. And you can visit classic shops like the old sweet shop while you are there.

Picture of the sweet shop in Salibsury, UK.

There are also plenty of cafes and you can stroll along the river and feed the ducks whilst visiting more shops.

Visit Outburst/Clown About

If you are looking for something to do with the kids in Salisbury then Outburst (also known as Clown about by the locals) is definitely worth a trip.

The Clown About part is a soft play area with slides, a ball pit, and plenty of obstacles to keep the kids entertained. There is also a separate area for little ones and toddlers up to three. It is quite a decent size play area and you can also order food while your little ones are playing.

They also have Strikers which is Ten Pin bowling, which again is great fun and their prices are very reasonable in my opinion.

Visit Old Sarum

Just outside the city is Old Sarum, which is an ancient hilltop settlement with a history dating back over 5,000 years!

You can explore the remains of the Iron Age hillfort, the medieval castle, and the Norman cathedral. Wandering around Old Sarum, there are some beautiful paths to walk along, giving you a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside.

Visit Stonehenge

Just a short drive from Salisbury lies one of the world’s most famous prehistoric monuments, Stonehenge. We are pretty sure you must have heard of Stonehenge as it is what a lot of people associate Salisbury with.

It’s displayed in many documentaries as well as the heart of conspiracy theories and is home to the summer solstice events.

It’s basically a colossal stone circle and has many mysteries surrounding its construction and purpose. You can visit the visitor center, where interactive exhibits shed light on the history of this ancient site.

Play Areas / Parks & Open Spaces

Locals in the area know where all the good parks and open spaces are, and there are quite a few. If you are looking to kick back and let the kids run off some steam or chill and have a picnic, then there are plenty of play parks in and around Salisbury as well as large grassy areas.

A few of the popular parks are Queen Elizabeth Gardens (Lizzie Gardens), Victoria Park, Ashley Road Play Park, and Churchill Gardens which also has a skate park and Parkour area.

You can also enjoy plenty of space at Hudson’s Field and the Cathedral Gardens.

Explore the Wiltshire Countryside

Salisbury is surrounded by so much stunning countryside, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

If you love walking then there are so many scenic footpaths to explore. Such as the Salisbury Plain, or Clarendon Way, a long-distance trail connecting Salisbury to Winchester. There are also plenty of footpaths and walks around the town as well as the surrounding villages.

The nearby New Forest National Park is also worth a visit, with its pretty woodlands, wildlife, and charming villages.


Salisbury in Wiltshire the United Kingdom is a city that effortlessly blends history, culture, and natural beauty. From the awe-inspiring Salisbury Cathedral to the mysterious Stonehenge, there is plenty to sightsee and do.

Or if you are just looking for a few awesome walks or days out with the kids, then Salisbury is definitely worth a visit.