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7 Haunted Hotels in England

England is well known for its rich history, ancient buildings, and wild tales of the supernatural. If you’re a brave soul seeking a spine-tingling experience and looking for the most haunted places in the UK, then look no further than these haunted hotels.

From eerie apparitions to scary and chilling encounters, these hotels could give you an unforgettable stay. Whether you believe in ghosts and the supernatural or are just a bit of a thrill seeker, then read on to discover what are considered to be the most haunted hotels in England and the ghostly tales that surround them.

UK’s most haunted places?

There are many reported “haunted” places in the UK and England. Haunted hotels have long captured the imagination of people who are interested in the paranormal side of things.

These hotels are often steeped in history and ghostly legends, whether they are true or not! They have had a variety of witnesses claiming to hear footsteps down empty hallways, to mysterious apparitions that appear in the dead of night.

7 of Englands Haunted Hotels

The thought of a haunted hotel creates an atmosphere of suspense. If you are brave enough, then why not book a stay at the following hotels?

The Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Located in Wotton-under-Edge, the Ancient Ram Inn is notorious for its paranormal activity. Dating back to the 12th century, this inn is believed to be built on an ancient pagan burial ground. Sounds scary!

Guests have reported encountering dark shadows and strange voices, as well as physical contact with things that cannot be seen.

Apparently, the most haunted room is known as “The Bishop’s Room,” where visitors often experience intense feelings of unease and strange occurrences.

The Langham Hotel, London

Situated in the heart of London, The Langham Hotel is a very luxurious Victorian-era hotel with a haunting past.

It’s said to be haunted by a variety of spirits and guests have witnessed apparitions, mysterious sounds, and unexplained flickering lights!

The infamous Room 333 is the center of paranormal activity, leaving many guests too scared to spend a night there.

The Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

In the beautiful remote countryside of Bodmin Moor, The Jamaica Inn is an 18th-century coaching inn with a reputation for hauntings. As a former place for smugglers, it has seen its fair share of eerie goings on.

Guests have reported hearing footsteps, horses galloping outside, and the appearance of a sailor. The Smugglers’ Bar is particularly known for its supernatural encounters, making it a must-visit on ghost tours.

The Mermaid Inn, East Sussex

Located in the historic town of Rye, The Mermaid Inn boasts a history dating back to the 12th century. With tales of smugglers, secret passages, and hidden rooms, it’s no wonder this lovely inn is apparently haunted.

Guests that have stayed have witnessed ghostly figures, strange noises, and objects moving on their own with a ghost of a Lady.

Many paranormal investigations and tours have taken place here, adding to its haunted allure.

Chillingham Castle, Northumberland

For those seeking a truly spine-chilling experience, Chillingham Castle is a must-visit destination. Dating back to the 12th century, this medieval fortress is renowned for its apparent hauntings.

Visitors are rumored to have encountered seeing apparitions, weird sounds, and strange energies within the ancient walls. The castle’s torture chamber and the Grey Apartment are known hotspots for paranormal activity. Ghost tours and overnight stays are available for those daring enough to explore its ghostly realms.

The Golden Fleece Hotel, York, England

Located in the historic city of York, The Golden Fleece Hotel is reputedly one of the most haunted hotels in England.

Dating back to the 16th century, it is said to be haunted by a number of different spirits, including a former landlady!

Guests have apparently witnessed apparitions, and ghostly footsteps, along with unexplained phenomena. The Golden Fleece Hotel combines history, charm, and a spine-chilling atmosphere, making it a top choice for those seeking a haunted stay.

The Langtry Manor Hotel, Bournemouth, England

Once the residence of the famous actress Lillie Langtry, this luxurious hotel is rumored to be haunted by her spirit.

Guests have reported encounters with Lillie’s ghost, including the scent of her signature perfume and the feeling of being watched.

The Langtry Manor Hotel is an elegant hotel but you will also possibly get a unique and haunting experience.


If you’re fascinated by the paranormal and love a good scare, the haunted hotels of England offer an unforgettable experience. From ancient inns to luxurious Victorian establishments, these sites are steeped in history and haunted tales.

Whether you choose to explore the dark spooky corridors or spend a night in one of the haunted rooms, then you just don’t know what you may experience in one of England’s most haunted hotels.