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Custom DIY Computer Desk

Are you looking for DIY computer desk ideas? When it comes to PC desks there are literally thousands for sale online. But trying to find the right one at a good price is hard!

We wanted a desk that could hold two PCs, two monitors, as well as other equipment. So it was looking pretty expensive for a decent one anyway.

We had recently moved into our new home and laid new carpets, and had a dedicated room for our office space. So I then thought to myself what can we use to make a cheap DIY PC desk to hold two computers on? So I wanted to share with you my idea and experience of building a computer desk.

home office space

DIY PC desk materials

So while I was making a coffee in the kitchen that’s when I thought to myself, a kitchen worktop would actually make a really decent PC desk. And the benefit of using a worktop is that it would have a decent length, that we could then cut down to the correct size.

I know exactly what I wanted to use for the PC table. So the next thing I had to think of was what could I use to support the desk.

Again, I wanted something that was thats not too expensive but ideally had storage in which I could store paperwork, magazines, and other random stuff. So going back to the kitchen I came up with the idea of using two kitchen cupboards for the worktop to sit on.

Now I had decided what I was going to use for my DIY PC table and how I was going to support the desk, it was time to find a cheap kitchen worktop. So I shopped around and found a decent one at a local DIY/hardware store which I got delivered, as there was no way I was fitting a 2.4M kitchen worktop in my car!

I found a worktop that was in clearance so it only cost me £40. But it’s totally up to you as it depends on what size, width, color, and style you want.

kitchen worktop in clearance for computer desk
from diy.com

I also found two kitchen cupboards at the same hardware store, so I had them delivered at the same time. These would be the supports for either end of the worktop.

I ordered them without the doors, but I could easily attach doors in the future if I wanted to hide the clutter and have more of a cupboard feel under my desk.

Other than that all I needed was a screwdriver, pencil, measuring tape, and a circular saw. If you don’t have a saw then I’m sure a parent or neighbor will have one handy that you could borrow.

Building a computer desk

Whether you are wanting ideas for a DIY gaming desk or just a DIY office desk, this was very easy to do and didn’t cost too much.

Once the kitchen worktop and the two kitchen units had been delivered it was time to build the units first, which were really straightforward and went together nicely.

kitchen units unassembled in the office space

I then put them into position at either end of the gap where the DIY desk would be placed.

white kitchen units build and place either end of the office space

Next, I had to measure the gap in which I wanted to fit the kitchen worktop. Which was basically the distance between the two walls. I had always wanted a gaming desk that went across a whole wall, so I was finally getting my wish.

Once measured it was time to cut the worktop down to size. I used a circular saw to do this and cut the worktop outside, as it was the easiest place due to its size.

Now I had the kitchen worktop cut to size it was time to fit it into the gap. It was a little bit of a snug fit, but it did go in nicely as you can see in the picture below.

black kitchen worktop fitted onto the units

The great thing about the worktop is that the edges are smooth, so very comfy to rest on. And I know it is solid as we all know how much we can put onto a kitchen worktop.

black kitchen worktop edges

There was no need to attach anything as we measured it so that it fitted flush to the walls and sat nicely on top of the units.

If you wanted to attach it all for extra security then that would be an option. But in my case, my DIY standing desk is very sturdy and secure, and now has everything sat on top of it.

Final thoughts on my easy DIY computer desk

So overall I am really happy with the results, and it did not take too long to put together the custom DIY desk for our PCs.

It was cheap and only cost a total of around £60, and the only tools which were needed were a screwdriver, a circular saw, and a pencil.

So if you are looking for a cheap and easy-to-make DIY PC desk this is definitely worth doing, especially if you are trying to save some money and don’t want to pay for an overpriced computer desk.

diy computer desk finished product in the office room

Also, if you go to your local DIY store at the right time there might be a Kitchen worktop that’s on clearance saving even more money. And there’s nothing better than when someone comments and says “what a nice desk” and you can tell them you built it yourself!