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My Fitness Journey Story

Welcome to my fitness journey post! Being active and working out is something I really enjoy doing and it’s something I have been doing on and off for some time!

I have generally been fit and healthy until my knee pain became worse which kind of put me off, and made it harder to exercise. Since then I still tried to carry on eating healthy but lost a lot of motivation.

As I was not working out the unhealthy food and drink kind of became more tempting. Normally this would not be an issue for me in the past as I had quite a fast metabolism, but age has hit and now I am over 30 my body has enjoyed storing the fat.

So since not working out, not going out for walks, and a combination of eating slightly more unhealthy and giving into beer and chocolate, I have put on nearly 2 stone.

I have decided enough is enough and I need to get back to being healthy again. Not only for my general health and well-being but also to feel good about myself again. So that’s why I wanted to share my fitness journey and my weight loss journey with you all.

My fat loss journey starting stats

Below is a picture of what my weight was (on the left) and what my current weight is now (on the right). When I was working out and going to the gym I did actually hit my goal weight which was under 12 stone.

side by side comparison of weight at 11 stone 11 pounds going up to 13 stone 5 pounds

I have not been doing much exercise, eating unhealthier food, and having the occasional beer. I have been snacking on a lot more chocolate and pastry products and eating late at night, which is really not good. I have also given in to quite a few takeaways.

As you can see there is quite a difference when you compare my weight from a few months ago to my weight now. The last time I actually weighed myself was back in May, but I have gained this weight and body fat in a shorter period which is more like the last 3 months.

Below you can see my body fat which has gone up by a lot and I was actually surprised to see it go up that much, as I had got it quite low.

Body fat graph gping from an average of 15 up to 20

And again I have also taken a picture of what my current body weight is compared to how it was and the difference is a lot, especially when I did hit my goal to get under 12 stone.

body weight graph going from average of 11 stone up to 13 stone

Now we have spoken about my weight and body fat, I thought I best share with you what my current appearance looks like. I am currently storing the majority of the extra weight I have gained in my stomach area, as you can see in the picture of me below.

Fitness Journey 6-month plan

I thought I would give myself a 6-month goal to start off with, and see how it goes and how I progress.

So the first thing I am going to do to help this weight loss journey is by quitting alcohol.

I will also try not to eat any junk food or sugary foods for the next 6 months and I will stop snacking in the evenings.

I will post the progression of how I am getting on with my 6-month journey. The picture above is what my body is currently like.


Something I would love to achieve and have said for a long time is if I could get a six-pack. I have set this goal many times and every time failed and gave up before completing it.

So in order for me to achieve this I will need to lose quite a bit of body fat, and as you can see from the pictures above mine is too high at the moment to be able to show any signs of abs at all!

If you are interested in seeing how I get on with this six-month fitness adventure remember to bookmark this post!

To be continued…