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3 Pokemon Display Ideas

I have been a huge fan of Pokemon since I was a kid and since it was released. I am still a fan now, so I wanted to share with you some Pokemon display ideas. So if you have a collection of Pokemon items then you can get some ideas on how to show them off.

I absolutely loved the games, and I remember owning my first game Pokemon Red, which I had on my Nintendo GameBoy Color. I spent hours playing on this and even to this day, we still buy the latest Pokemon games on our Nintendo Switch.

It was even better when then the trading cards came out, as they were a huge hit. And I remember swapping and battling with my favorite cards with my friends at primary school. The best achievement was trying to get the shiny cards in a pack!

Luckily the missus was also was a Pokemon fan as a kid and still likes it now otherwise, I might not have been allowed to display Pokemon around the house. And I hope my son will grow to love it as well when he gets older.

I have a small collection at moment with a mixture of Pokemon cards, games, Pokemon Funko pops, and a few other Pokemon things that I have around the house.

Pokemon display shelf idea

The very first Pokemon display idea I have is within our lounge on a floating shelf.

I have a mixture of 4 Pokemon Pop! Vinyl, 3 Amiibo characters, and 1 Pikachu box collection, and I personally like the way this display is arranged.

At the front is the Funko Pop! figures which I have Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Pikachu. I love the old classic characters.

In the middle are the Amiibo figures with Squirtle, Charizard, and Ivysaur. And I have to be honest, Charizard is my favorite.

And at the back is the Pikachu collection box, which is kind of difficult to see which is why I am tempted to move it to a new place, but we will see.

Floating shelves are not too expensive and are a great way of showing off not only your Pokemon stuff but also other things. And I purchased mine from Ikea for a decent price.

Pokemon card display ideas

If you were wondering how to display Pokemon cards, then there are so many great ways. You can display them in a book, or like me put your trading cards in a picture frame.

So the next idea I am sharing with you is my Pokemon card display frames. I put a few of my favorite Pokemon cards in some photo frames. This is a great way to display your cards at a low cost.

So I went with putting 3 cards into one frame side by side, 6 into another frame with two side by side, and then I put some of the bug jumbo cards into their own photo frames.

The first photo frame is of Celebi, Mew, and Jirachi cards along with their pins. I just used some blue-tac to attach the pin to the photo frame to stop them from falling off. And within the frame, I cut some white paper to give the cards a background.

Pokemon card display in a frame with pins

Next, we have Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise in a frame which are side by side. I used the same photo frame as above but just turned it the other way around. Again, I also used some white paper as the background within the frame.

Pokemon card display in a frame with 6 trading cards

Finally, we have the jumbo cards which I brought some bigger photo frames for. They each have their own frame.

Pokemon jumbo trading cards in individual frames

Pokemon display case ideas

The final way I have created a Pokemon display is by putting some of my favorite items in a display case.

Glass cabinet with personal collection of Pokemon items

So I have put some original Pokemon cards, games, figures, etc within a glass cabinet. You can then show off your stuff in an awesome display and arrange it however you like.

Pokemon display case with a shelf with trading cards and plush toys

I have collected my items over the years. and I personally really like the glass cabinet as it makes a great Pokemon display. However, as it’s glass you do need to keep it clean!

Pokemon display case shelf with nintendo games and gameboy consoles

I have a mixture in my display cabinet of plush toys, cards, GameBoy games, Nintendo DS games, Switch games, Pop Vinyl figures, smaller figurines, and more. But as I said, you can pretty much put anything you like in your display and arrange it how you like. I’m sure I will be swapping mine around regularly!

Pokemon display case shelf with Pop! vinyl figures

So I hope you like my Pokemon displays and that it has given you some good ideas for yours. There are so many varieties and options you can choose from, and I will keep adding to this post when I create more displays or have more Pokemon display ideas for you.